Ways to get involved

Resident involvement is essential to guarantee Sapphire Independent Housing is delivering efficient and responsive services that meet the needs of our diverse client group. We encourage all our residents to be involved in day-to-day life at Sapphire Independent Housing. We want to listen to and consider your ideas. Depending on how involved you want to be, we offer a variety of ways to communicate:-

House Meetings

House meetings are held regularly in all schemes and are an opportunity to raise any issues of concern or to plan events.

Recruitment Panel

This is an opportunity to be involved in the decision about who works at Sapphire Independent Housing.

Share your Story

Residents' stories help us demonstrate the work we do and raise awareness of the difficulties that many may have encountered and overcome. We regularly have stories in our newsletter The Informed and on the website.

Resident Inspector

In order to identify areas for improvement we need your help. Being an inspector involves speaking to residents and inspecting services in order to identify areas for improvement. Appropriate training is available.

Residents' Newsletter

Help decide what goes into the residents’ quarterly newsletter which is called The Informed. You can also send in articles or creative writing which may be put into print. We think it’s a great way to contribute creatively in your own time and gain some experience of publishing. If you do have any comments, questions or story ideas please send them directly to theinformed@sih.org

Focus Groups

There may be specific issues where we would like to know about your experiences and opinions on something we are planning to do. This could include changes to a particular service or a policy review. Alternatively, issues might be local or across Sapphire Independent Housing, but whatever it is, we want to hear from residents and often the best way is via a small group of clients in an informal setting. Refreshments and travel expenses are always provided.

Help with Events

The GardenWe often hold events at our schemes. You can help organise them or contribute in other ways, for example, helping to prepare a lunch, performing music or being part of a reception committee. This is a great way to develop skills and build confidence.

Please go to Information Guides and Fact sheets for further information on how to become a resident representative, particpate in a focus group and for lots of other ways you can get involved.