Becki's Story

Photo of BeckiI came to Townsend House in August 2014, after my relationship with my mum had become too difficult for me to stay at home. I had recently become unemployed but I was actively seeking new employment, as it is important to me for my future.

Within a week of arriving at Townsend House I got some good news, I had been offered a job as a customer service advisor for a retail outlet in Borehamwood.

The Role was only part time but I was always willing to take on extra shifts, as I think it is important to be flexible and I wanted to get as much experience as I could. I even did the occasional overnight shift and helped to set up the shop displays for the store’s launch.

Due to my hours varying every month my housing benefit entitlement changed monthly too, which meant I had to manage my budget to make sure I had enough money to cover the essentials, such as rent, bills and food costs when I worked less hours.

Although it was tricky at first, the staff at Townsend House were always there to help me and I now feel confident with managing my budget, in spite of my ever changing wages.

I used the skills I gained in retail to successfully obtain an administration position for a telephone answering service. This has given me more regular hours, which is great and there is also the possibility for future development within the company which I am really excited about.

I also recently volunteered to help with the vote count for the general election. This entailed staying up all night and assisting with tallying votes for the hostel’s local constituency. I really enjoyed being part of the election process and would volunteer again.

I have worked really hard over the last few months and it really feels as though it is starting to pay off, as I was put forward for a nomination to Hertsmere Council’s housing register. I was recently offered my own independent accommodation which I have accepted.

I have really enjoyed my time at Townsend House as it has helped me to prioritise what is important. I am now focusing on purchasing items for moving in to my own place and planning a successful future in administration.