Our Plan

Sapphire's plan for 2021-2026 sets out the strategic direction for the Association. It highlights the key challenges affecting Sapphire, refreshes our vision and values and focuses on our aspirations and ambitions.

Our four main business objectives from 2021-2026 are:

1. To provide services that support and enhance the lives of our residents.

2. To have more and better homes.

3. To be an employer of choice.

4. To manage our finances well and improve our ways of working.

We are committed to achieving these objectives through:

1. Working with residents to improve their lives by listening to their concerns, needs and aspirations.

2. Growing our business by 40% over the next five years, to ensure we are playing our part in meeting housing need and ensuring that our existing homes meet quality and sustainability standards.

3. Ensuring our people are engaged and empowered because we know that our colleagues are the face of Sapphire. We believe that by having fully engaged people is the best way for us to provide excellent services to residents and communities.

4. Being a well-run organisation, working to plans, within budget and confident about managing change. We believe by maintaining our financial viability and our core strength as a smaller provider, we are well positioned to move forward with our plans for the future.

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