Sapphire Independenyt Housing's mission is ‘Providing homes to improve lives and enabling people to live independently' We aim to achieve this through providing quality accommodation and services that support residents to achieve their ambitions and reach their full potential.

Performance is closely monitored, using clear and quantifiable priorities and targets, to ensure the service we provide meet the aims of the Association. The performance information below is for the previous two quarters.

Performance Indicator

2020/21 Targets

2020/21 Year End

2020/21 SPBM for Supported Housing KPIs ⴕ

2021/22 Targets

2021/22 Quarter 1

Current rent arrears (adjusted for unpaid benefits*) 5% 4.8% 4.08% 3.5%* 1.3%
Void rent loss 3% 7.3% 5.77% 5% 5%

Responsive repairs completed on time

97% 98% Not available 97% TBC*
Properties with a valid gas certificate 100% 100% Not available 100% 100%
Complaints responded to on time 98% 67.4% 97.5% 98% 62.5%*
Overall Satisfaction with service 93% 92.5% 89% 93% Provided annually

Performance notes

Feedback, on any area of our service, can be provided by completing a survey available at the reception office for your schemelocated, and a link to an online form can also be sent to you upon request. We are currently working on a techinical error and hope to be able to reinstate the forms on our website shortly. You can also provide your feedback via our online compliments and complaints form and by contacting us at

Please note, due to covid 19 and the impact on our residents and on our services, we are continuously reviewing our data to ensure we are providing the most accurate information.

ⴕ - Supported Housing benchmarking are being provided for now as we are a member of a Supported Housing benchmarking club. We will continue to explore benchmarking data available to cover General Needs and Overall performance.

Current Rent Arrears

Due to COVID-19 we saw an increase in rent arrears across our schemes, this is both regrettable and understandable. We appreciate the financial hardship some of our residents faced during this challenging time. Over the coming months we will continue to work with our residents to reduce the arrears.

Void performance

Due to COVID-19 and Government guidance, which advised people to delay moving home if possible and only those facing street homelessness should move accommodation; our void loss was impacted, we continue to work safely to accommodation people in our properties.

Responsive repairs completed on time

Due to COVID-19 we had to adapt our repairs and maintenance service to keep staff, residents and external contractors safe, this led to some short delays to carrying out repairs in 2020-2021.

**- We are currently resolving a technical matter regarding this area, and will update this in 2022.

Properties with a valid gas safety certificate

Our performance results indicate all properties had a valid gas safety certificate for the periods being reported.

Complaints responded to on time

A review of our complaints between March 2020 and April 2021 show a significant decline in responding to complaints within the target times, though we have noted, the complaints responded to outside of the target times coincide with the first and second waves of the pandemic, which demanded a lot of Sapphire’s resources. We will be working to improve our performance over the coming year.

*Eight complaints were received, five were responded to on time. Two required more time as the investiagting staff member was on annual leave. One required more time as further information was required from the resident.

Overall Satisfaction

*We want our overall performance data to be representative of as many people using our service as possible, to reflect more accurate feedback.