Affinity Water Hertfordshire events in August

Sapphire’s water efficiency drive is continuing with representatives from Affinity Water visiting our Townsend House service in Hertfordshire this July.

A team from Affinity Water will be visiting Townsend House on Thursday 27th July to discuss water saving with our residents. The team will be giving a talk about water efficiency and asking Sapphire residents and staff to make some pledges on how they will save water. The pledges are straightforward and do not involve too much physical commitment, it’s more about helping people change their mind-set and habits. Pledges such as taking shorter showers, not leaving the tap running whilst you’re brushing your teeth and so on, are a few examples of pledges residents and staff will be asked to commit to on the day. The Affinity team will then return in a few months time to discuss how the pledges went and how much water the hostel has saved by everyone committing to them.

The session starts at 2pm on Thursday 27th July and will be very informal and relaxed with lots of fun tips and some freebies for all residents who come along to the session.

The Affinity Water team will also be attending a resident’s meeting, at our family hostel in Hertfordshire, on Wednesday August 30th at 6pm to discuss water saving tips and will be bringing along their much-loved mascot to say hello to the children.

We look forward to hearing everyone pledges and finding out how much water everyone has saved.

If you are a Townsend House or Hepburn Court resident, speak to your Key Worker who will tell you more about these upcoming events.

Fid out more about Affinity Water.

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