Sapphire supports the Glass half full campaign

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Glass Half Full is an innovative alcohol harm reduction campaign for Camden and Islington, which is running throughout June 2018. It’s about making positive, small changes to drinking that can have a beneficial, life-changing impact.

Have you started drinking more without really noticing? Cutting back on even small amounts of alcohol can help you feel better. Visit for ideas and support and keep an eye out for the campaign online, at bus stops, on buses and phone boxes near you!

If you are struggling to cut down or think your drinking might be out of control, realising that you have a problem is the first step to making a positive change. If you’re worried about your drinking, or somebody else’s, you should speak to your GP. If you need help with this please speak to your Key Worker or Housing Officer who can help signpost to relevant services in your area that can help you.

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