Current resident consultation activities

As part of our ongoing policy review process we are currently seeking feedback on our rent arrears, resettlement and abandonment policies.

If you are a member of our resident reading group you should have received a copy of the above policies with a survey form for your completion. If you are not a member of the reading group but would like to review any of the above policies you can do this via our resident consultation page, located in the Residents’ Section.

If would like to join our reading group please contact

Cleaning service review

Thank you to everyone for your recent feedback about Sapphire's new cleaning contractors. We have arranged a project monitoring meeting with Accuro Environmental for late-December/early January where we will be discussing the feedback provided to us via this consultation. We will update everyone after this meeting.

Safeguarding Policy review

As a result of this review we have now categorised our original safeguarding policy into separate adult and child safeguarding policies to guarantee our safeguarding responsibilities and processes are clearly defined and can be managed appropriately.

Drug Policy review

The recent Drug Policy review was undertaken to ensure our policy remains compliant with current legislation, guidance and good practice. Change Grow Live (CGL), who provide support and assistance to many of our residents experiencing substance misuse issues, provided assistance and advice (specifically in regards to naltrexone use) as part of this review to help ensure our processes continue to effectively support our residents.

The above policies are now live and can be viewed via our key policies page.

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