Complete our 2018 Resident Satisfaction survey and make your voice heard

The 2018 Resident Satisfaction Survey will be available to residents via our resident satisfaction surveys page, located in the Residents' Section, from Monday 5 November.

Please take the time to complete the survey and give your feedback about the services provided across Sapphire. All general needs residents, in self-contained accommodation, will receive a hard copy by post to complete and return in the freepost envelope provided. If hostel residents would prefer to complete a paper copy please request a hard copy from your reception team.

We carry out large scale surveys every two years, with our last major resident satisfaction survey being undertaken in October 2016. We’ve been working hard since then to improve and streamline services that are important to you. Here’s some of the things we’ve been working on…

You said: Many hostel residents were not satisfied with Wi-Fi only being available in communal areas of their buildings.

We have: Upgraded and improved all the Wi-Fi services in our hostels. Wi-Fi is now accessible throughout our large hostels.

You said We are not all receiving the same information when we join different Sapphire services.

We have: Created an integrated booking in pack that includes Association wide information. This has ensured all residents are receiving the same information and access to services.

You said: Some of our Highgate Road residents were dissatisfied with the ongoing building works occurring at a private development next door to the building.

We have: Our housing management team liaised with the development company to ensure noise was kept to a minimum. All work has now been completed to the development.

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