How to be a considerate neighbour

When it comes to the everyday sounds of a busy block of flats or communal hostel, we have different lifestyles, different tastes and different tolerances.

Repetitive noise can lead to stress and make life miserable for your neighbours, especially those who have mobility or health problems.

We all make noise but awareness is the key to making sure your noise is not a problem for others.

Here are some tips for being a considerate neighour:

  1. Stereo and TVs: Think about the volume or use headphones. Pull the TV and speakers away from your neighbouring walls if possible.
  2. Householdchores/activities: Try not to start any DIY before 9am. You may be an early riser, but others could be trying to get some rest. Night owls should be equally think about doing their vacuuming or washing at less ‘anti-social’ hours.
  3. Visitors:If you are expecting visitors, your neighbours are likely to be much more understanding if you warn them well in advance. Alternatively, please make sure your visitors are quiet and do not disturb your neighbours.
  4. Arguing:Everyone argues from time to time but loud and aggressive arguing (and swearing) can scare neighbours and put them on edge. Please be considerate, listen to requests to calm down and try to be as discreet as possible.
  5. Coming in late: Please take care that you, or any guests, do not to make excessive amounts of noise. Even good-natured shouting, laughing and noise from people lingering outside your building, can disturb the sleep of others.
  6. Avoid slamming doors and banging ceilings/floors, especially at night: This disturbs others and is one element of anti-social behaviour.

If you feel a neighbour is being unnecessarily noisy and inconsiderate, please report this to your Housing Officer, Key Worker or reception staff who will work with you and your neighbor to reduce any ongoing issues.

You can also contact Sapphire Independent Housing’s head office at 020 7485 8889 or via

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