Recent service improvements

We always want to hear from you with any ideas about things you think could be done better. This doesn’t have to be via our official feedback or suggestions forms either. Sometimes just a quick chat with your Project Worker or Housing Officer or putting an idea forward at a residents meeting is all it takes to get the ball rolling.

Here are some examples of improvements we have made from your suggestions and feedback:

At Hepburn Court we replaced all of the fencing surrounding the rear communal garden to increase security and provide a safe environment for our younger Hepburn Court residents to play and have fun.

We will also be installing gated railings, with a fob system, to the rear carpark over the coming months to increase security further and prevent an ongoing issue with fly tipping in the area.

At Conway House we replaced the existing bike shelter with an award winning ‘Cyclehoop’ bike hanger, ensuring all bikes are now secure and protected from all weather conditions.

At Townsend House We have ordered some yoga mats to help residents who wish to do group yoga sessions together and we have ordered some comfy bean bags for additional seating when residents attend group meetings and workshops.

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