Sapphire's 50th: A gift

The masterpiece

The masterpiece

In celebration of the remarkable 50 years of Sapphire, one very talented resident gifted us with a painting to mark the anniversary. Residents Shannon D and Michaela found an opportunity to speak with the artist, Shannan M, about her talents and her experience of supported housing.

Such an amazing piece, so...

How long have you been painting for?

I don’t really know an age as such, painting has always been a hobby than I do when I’m stressed I did study art and design at college.

Why did you do the painting?

I was asked by Denise if I would be interested in doing a painting for the 50th anniversary as another resident was too shy to do it I thought it would be a good challenge.

Lets talk a bit about your experience at Townsend House.

What’s your experience been like in the hostel?

It’s been good, there’s been some ups and downs but overall I enjoyed my time here so far.

What do you like about living in the hostel?

What I like about living in the hostel is that I feel more confident in myself. I am able to do things that I need to do for myself. I have my own space and a room that’s full of my stuff that makes me feel happier.

How has the hostel helped you grow as a person?

Since coming to the hostel my confidence has improved, I’ve been able to go to work more and take on a better role. I’ve managed to start planning things for the future that I never thought I would plan. I would say that I don’t think I would’ve been able to think this far ahead without the help of Denise and the opportunity I had.

What skills have you learnt by living independently?

I have learned that I’ve been better at budgeting and making sure that every important thing such as rent, shopping and running a car has money set aside to be paid when needed. I have also learnt that being independent can be hard at times but very rewarding it has made me feel like I can do it and that I am ready to take on bigger roles When they come.

Do you socialise much with others in the hostel?

I socialise a little bit probably not as much as I should.

What good deeds have you done and seen in the hostel?

I offered to help with little bits around the hostel. I have also seen others being quite helpful too. Since we’ve had a few issues in the world quite a few Residence have come together to help with the little bits that we can to keep the hostel running.

What’s some advice you would give someone new coming into the hostel?

I will tell them to not be afraid that the staff here are there to help us. To make sure that they stick to the rules as they’re in our best interest. Try and achieve what they wanted to achieve before they ended up here as it’s not too late to do what you wanted to do and be what you wanted to be.

Thank you take a moment to speak with us Shannan. The masterpiece is on display at Townsend House.

Written by Shannon D and Michaela B

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