Sapphire service improvements - thanks to your feedback

We have been receiving some great feedback from residents across the association, over the last few months, that have really helped us improve the areas of our services that are most important to you.

At our Townsend House hostel you advised us you don't like the fact that everyone on the street can see in the large windows at the front of the building. As a result of this feedback we have now fitted window film to the communal windows to increase resident privacy. Residents also pointed out that they thought it would be a good idea to have some female security guards at night. We now have three female night staff on the rota.

We have now upgraded our Wi-Fi services at three of our main hostels. You have been feeding back to us for a while that is was annoying only having accessible Wi-Fi in the communal areas and even then it was erratic. The upgrade work is now complete at Conway House, Bethany House and Townsend House, meaning that Wi-Fi is now accessible throughout all of these buildings.

Many of our St Eugene residents are keen recyclers and have not been happy with some residents confusing the refuse waste bins with the recycling bins. We have therefore produced and fitted external signage to the bin area clarifying that the blue bins should be used for recycled items only. We hope this helps clear up any further confusion.

Finally at Bethany House we have now introduced cluster meetings and a monthly mental health and wellbeing group as many felt it would be helpful to have resident meetings about specific issues, such as mental health and wellbeing.

These are very simple things but they are really useful to us. They highlight your experience with us as service users and help us to make changes that are important to you.

Thank you once again for the great feedback and please do keep it coming!

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