The Informed: A residents perspective

For the latest edition of our residents newsletter, The Informed, residents of Townsend House took the opportunity to make use of their free time during this difficult time to get us an inside peek into our residents perspective of supported housing. Shannon and Michaela interviewed their neighbours and friends of Townsend House to find out how supported housing has helped them. This article is written in the words of Shannon, Michaela and the residents of Townsend House.

What’s your experience been like in the hostel?

Residents have met new people that they would not normally associate with and that are now close friends. They are now more confident in themselves and are learning to support themselves.

What do you like about living in the hostel?

Most residents like that they get to live with other people and make friends, but also have their own space when needed.

How has the hostel helped you grow as a person?

Residents here have gained more independence and other life skills that will help them in the future, for example, budgeting and paying rent. It has also helped them to learn to cook and clean for themselves.

Do you socialise with others in the hostel?

Most residents have certain people that they like to spend time with. However, events that are held in the hostel do help people to socialise with others that they would not normally talk to. For example, we recently had a pizza and movie night where we got to know new residents and to give us a chance to welcome them.

What good deeds have you done and witnessed in the hostel?

Some residents have witnessed good deeds such as, other residents look after you when you’re ill. Residents also share their food and sometimes take turns to cook for each other. For example, due to the panic of covid-19 one resident could not get any pasta and two residents decided to give them their pasta and rice that they did not need. They also help each other with things like washing for example if one person does not have the correct change or they do not have a full load they may put their washing in together.

Due to the recent situation, residents have also been helping staff with odd jobs around the hostel. Some examples of this are, they went and got anti-bacterial and cleaning products to help protect everyone from the virus. They also helped with odd jobs like relabelling the freezer drawers.

How do you think you’ll cope with living alone?

Some of the residents are nervous to live alone as they are used to living with other people. However, the hostel has increased their confidents in themselves and they now believe that they will be able to do it and they now have friends in the same situation that can support them through it.

What advice would you give someone new to the hostel?

New residents should accept advice from other residents and they not be afraid to ask how things work, e.g. how to use the washing machine or cooker. They should be nice to other residents and staff.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and advice with us.

Written by Shannon D and Michaela B

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