Our Services

Sapphire Independent Housing provide accommodation for a diverse client group across four boroughs.Our accommodation is a mixed tenure, comprising of supported accommodation, self-contained properties and temporary accommodationn.

Supported accommodation

The criteria for living in supported accommodation is that the applicant is in need of support to maintain their accommodation. In addition, after a period in supported accommodation, many people make the successful transition to independent living. Working in partnership with other support agencies and stakeholders, we help residents in our supported schemes to develop the life skills they require to live independently in the community.

Self - contained accommodation

Sapphire Independent Housing does not operate an open waiting list for its self-contained accommodation. For most of our vacancies we are obliged to take nominations from bodies that helped to fund or facilitate the development of the units such as The Clearing House or Local Authority. Any other vacancies are offered to Sapphire residents from our hostels who have shown that they are ready to move on to the next stage of independent living.

Temporary accommodation

Sapphire Independent Housing provides clean, safe, secure, female only, temporary accommodation for women, aged 18 and over within the area of Islington.

Our short-term accommodation provides single rooms with self catering and bathroom facilities and 24 hour security. All bills, council tax and service charges are included in your weekly charge.

In a rental market that is increasingly pushing more and more individuals out of London or into debt, we strive to offer rooms to rent, in key London locations that are modern and high quality whilst also remaining affordable.

Scheme Criteria

Each scheme has an individual admission criteria and specific admission criteria. Conway House is our male supported scheme, open to individuals aged 18 and over. Bethany House is a mixed tenure building, for women ages 18 and over, providing accommodation for 60 supported residents and 33 unsupported short-term residents.

Townsend House is our young people’s support service, for young women (including looked after children and care leavers) aged 16-25 years old. Hepburn Court provides support and temporary accommodation to homeless families..

Our remaining schemes are self-contained general needs flats for single people aged 18 years and over. We also offer a small number of self-contained family units at Tara Lodge.

To see the specific admission criteria please refer to the relevant scheme page, located under either supported accommodation, self-contained accommodation or temporary accommodation.

If you are a Sapphire resident and would like information about specific services, such as repairs, rent, online surveys, resident guidebooks and so on - you will find this information, and more, in our Residents' Section