Applying for housing/accommodation

How can I get on your waiting list for a home, or apply for housing?

Sapphire Independent Housing does not operate an open waiting list. Service specifications (particularly for supported accommodation) and nomination/referral agreements with Local Authorities with whom we work have been agreed.

General Needs self-contained units:

Sapphire Independent Housing does not operate an open waiting list for its self-contained units. For most of our vacancies we are obliged to take nominations from bodies that helped to fund or facilitate the development of the units such as The Clearing House or Local Authority. Any other vacancies are offered to Sapphire residents from our supported hostels who have shown that they are ready to move on to the next stage of independent living.

Short-Term accommodation:

All applications for short-term accommodation must be done by completing and submitting an application form.

Your completed application form can be emailed to either or sent directly to Bethany House .

A member of staff is always available during office hours to answer any questions or help you complete the form. You can contact Bethany House directly on 0207 837 3420.

Once we process your application your name will be added to the waiting list if the accommodation is full. When a room becomes available a member of staff will contact you to arrange an appointment for an interview.

If you have any queries in regards to the application process, you can contact the scheme directly:

Supported Accommodation:

Supported bedspaces are commissioned by the respective Local Authority.

Selection Criteria: Some schemes have specific admission criteria for applicants. The Association has specialist accommodation for women or men only and people recovering from drug and alcohol dependency.

For further information on the different access routes for our schemes please refer to our Allocations Policy which is located in key policies.

I’ve been on the council’s waiting list, why haven’t I been offered anything yet?

If you haven’t been offered anything it is likely that we don’t have any accommodation that is suited to your needs. For example, within our housing stock the majority of our self-contained general needs properties are for single people and are one bedroom units. To be offered accommodation at our supported hostels you will need to have been nominated by the respective local authority.