Resident Consultation Area

Sapphire Independent Housing is committed to working in partnership with all our residents to enable them to genuinely influence what we do.

With this in mind we have created this space for residents to view any policies, procedures and/or other Sapphire Independent Housing documents which we would like your feedback on.

All policies, publications and documents that require reviewing will be sent to our Sapphire resident reading group requesting feedback. If you would like to join the Sapphire reading group mailing list, to receive any draft copies and give your views and feedback please contact

Current resident consultation activities:

Policy and procedure consultation

Sapphire is currently reviewing all our operational policies and procedures. Over the coming months there will be a number of policies and procedures available, in the Residents’ Consultation area, for residents to comment on.

LGBT policy reveiw

Sapphire Independent Housing is committed to the promotion of diversity and inclusion in all areas of our work. With this in mind we are currently reviewing our LGBT policy. If you would like to provide your feedback on this policy please read the full LGBT policy and give your views via our LGBT consultation survey.

Resident focus groups

Thank you to everyone who attended our recent customer journey mapping focus groups, which helps us to achieve our Customer Service Excellence (CSE) accreditation. We held a session with our St Louise and Hertfordshire residents about their experiences paying their rent, as well as sessions with our Bethany House and Conway House residents in regards to the referral process and first day in service. We also held a focus group with our St Eugene residents asking them about their customer service experience when reporting a repair. We received some great feedback from everyone who attended and will be looking into how we can incorporate various areas of this feedback into our services. We really appreciate your feedback as it helps us to continue to improve services to deliver excellent customer service.

If you would like give your views on your customer journey experience for any of the above areas please click on the below links to view the journey maps and send your feedback to

Paying your rent journey map

Referral process and first day in service journey map

Reporting a repair journey map

Coming soon...

Wacth this space for upcoming policy reviews on our exsiting Safeguarding Policy.

Don't forget to keep an eye out for notifications of upcoming focus groups, on your communal noticeboards and our News and Events page, that may be required for more detailed discussions and feedback on specific policy changes.

Find out more about our resident reading group and other ways to get involved and view our Resident Involvment Strategy.

If you would like get involved please contact

Feedback on our most recent resident consultation activities:

Repairs and maintenance policy feedback

Thank you to our resident repairs and maintenance panel (RAMP) who provided some great input and feedback on our recent Repairs and maintenance policy review. As part of this review the timescales for routine repairs has been changed to encourage continuous improvements with our repairs outcomes. You can view the full list of repairs priorities, including the different types of rpeairs and how they are categorised, on our Help/frequently asked questions page.

This policy review has now been approved and is available on our Key policies and strategies page.

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Feedback from our Safeguarding policy consultation